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Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Excellent Roofing is a commercial roofing contractor based in Memphis, TN, providing commercial property owners and managers throughout the greater Memphis area with quality metal roofing systems.

Metal Roofing Commercial Applications

Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing is a great roofing choice for commercial applications where cost and sustainability are key concerns. The metal materials work hard for your business, keeping energy efficiency at high marks while providing an incredibly durable roof system.

At Excellent Roofing, we work hard to install the best commercial metal roofs in Memphis. Our roof installations and roofing solutions are tailored specifically to your needs. We’ll work alongside your team to deliver a new metal roof system that keeps your commercial building protected for years to come, all backed by a 100% satisfaction warranty.

When the time comes to install a new roof on your business, trust Excellent Roofing as your certified and licensed commercial metal roofing contractor.

We offer a wide variety of design options, so you can be sure that your architect’s designs work hand-in-hand with the green roofing material.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing Systems

Installing a new metal roofing system at your commercial building comes with a ton of advantages that you wouldn’t see with regular old shingles. These materials offer much more in terms of utility and functionality.

“Cool Metal Roofing” aids in LEED v4 certification

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has rolled out new guidelines for the construction and maintenance of buildings, called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v4.1, which is more focused on the use of sustainable building materials than previous iterations of LEED.

Metal roofing goes a long way toward getting your building aligned with LEED, and metal roofing panels save in energy costs along the way.

Commercial metal roofing, such as steel roofing or tin roofs, are often made from recycled materials. This makes it almost completely recyclable.

Additionally, with the proper UL-certified solar reflector coatings, cool metal roofing is not only energy-efficient but will save you about 20% – 70% in annual cooling energy use and costs.

Low Initial and Lifetime cost

Commercial metal roofing comes in many varieties, some mimicking cedar shakes or slate.

When comparing costs, look-alike metal panels are often cheaper than the alternatives. Plus, commercial metal roofing requires minimal lifetime maintenance, saving you costs down the road. The typical lifetime of properly installed commercial metal roofing is about 50-70 years.

Design Versatility

You don’t have to sacrifice your building’s desired aesthetic when installing commercial metal roofing.

If you would like an industrial feel, then perhaps corrugated sheets might fit your needs. But if you would like steel roofing that mimics shakes – there are options that have the natural look of cedar.

There is a whole host of high-quality finishes and designs for commercial metal roofing. Whatever your design needs, your commercial roofing contractor should be able to guide you toward the right commercial metal roofing option for your facility.

Trusted Metal Roof Installation & Service

Excellent Roofing has been completing residential roof repair and commercial roofing projects for years and we are proud of each of our roof restoration projects. We know that every Memphis roof repair project is different, which is why we have years of experience providing our clients with an in-depth estimate.

Our licensed estimator will provide you with an honest and accurate quote for your residential roof repair.

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We are the most credentialed roofing contractor in the greater Memphis area and we ensure the highest standards of materials, installation, and craftsmanship.

Need Some Assistance?

We are the most credentialed roofing contractor in the greater Memphis area and we ensure the highest standards of materials, installation, and craftsmanship.