Quality Service Every Single Time

The quality service you expect requires 3 key elements. And, at Excellent Roofing, we strive to deliver these on each and every project.

Personal Service

We believe personal service happens when people who care are working with great materials, communicate well and on time, and treat you and your property the way they want to be treated.

Superior Materials

We only use the best materials available for every service we provide. Because we use the best materials on the market, each crew member and project manager are required to have the best training and supervision.

People That Care

Everyone will care for you and your property, from start to finish. And they will care about your happiness with the job they did. At Excellent Roofing, caring for the customer is a requirement for the job.

Important Things to Consider when Choosing A Roofing Contractor

How do you know if you're getting the right price, the best materials, and the best service?

How much should you pay?

At Excellent Roofing, we charge a fair and competitive price. We only use high quality materials from leading manufacturers.

Does this mean that we charge more?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, if you receive multiple quotes, you’ll find we’re in the middle range of the estimates you'll receive.

But, while our pricing may be "middle of the pack," our materials and our service aren't. When it comes to providing a great experience and delivering the best product in Memphis, our expectations are high.

Doesn't a higher price mean I'll be receiving a better product?

Unfortunately, it doesn't. And, if you do your homework and get multiple quotes, you won't have a hard time finding a Memphis roofing company who is willing to give you a higher price and lower quality products.

But, you won’t get a better job and you definitely won't get superior materials and top quality product anywhere in Memphis than you'll receive from us at Excellent Roofing. And, to show how confident we are in this, we provide customers with our Best Price Guarantee.


Should I go with the lowest estimate I receive?

There’s an old saying, ”The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” We agree.

We encourage you to ask yourself these questions when deciding which company to work with:

  • Do they give you the impression that they're expertly certified roofers?
  • Is their company name and messaging clear and visible on documents, vehicles, and clothing?
  • Are they willing and able to provide you with the following:
    • Copy of their contractor's license?
    • Proof of Workers Compensation coverage?
    • Proof of Liability coverage?

Not only do these documents show credibility, more importantly, but they also protect you as the homeowner or business owner if a worker is injured on the job.

View all of our licenses and insurance

How to read and compare our estimate with others?

Most estimates you receive from other roofing will at the surface look the same as what you receive from us. But, you should definitely look closely at the materials being used and be sure to ask each contractor to include the names of the materials they'll be using.

There are major differences when you look closely at the materials are being used.

For example, both companies may be quoting a 30 year Architectural shingle.

But, you must look closely on the estimate and avoid those contractors that are using basic builders grade products, and a variety of different material manufacturers, instead of giving you a complete system from one manufacturer, which carries a much longer warranty.


What do we include in our roofing systems that others don't?

We include things in our quote that most other roofing contractor’s simply don’t include such as:

  • Starter Shingles: to be used at the eave and rake to reduce the risk of shingle blow-off
  • Drip Edge Installation: around the entire eave of the house (where the gutters normally are) which prevents water, insects, and animals from entering the facia board and soffit areas
  • Ridge Vents or Power Vents: These vents enormously increases the amount of air movement in the attic and therefore conserves energy, keeps the house and shingles cooler, and helps them last longer.

All of the Areas We Serve

We serve Memphis, Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Jackson, TN, Hernando, Olive Branch, Southaven, Marion, AR, West Memphis, AR.

In addition, we serve all of the following counties:

In Tennessee: Crockett, Dyer, Fayette, Hardeman, Haywood, Lauderdale, Madison, Shelby, and Tipton Counties.

In Mississippi: Desoto, Marshall, Tate, and Tunica Counties.

In Arkansas: Craighead, Crittenden, Mississippi, and Poinsett Counties.

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